About us

Modern wooden jewelry from Bananas in the latest trend colors. Fairly produced jewelry made of wood, colored with sustainable natural dyes.

Bananas Berlin stands for sustainable jewelry and fair fashion.Designed by our founder Gabi Lück in Berlin, our jewelry is ethically and fairly made in the Philippines. It is made from the wonderful light wood 'Pangantoon', which comes from a reforestation project.

We love to play with colors and shapes and also used completely natural and 100% sustainable pigments. Everything is handmade with love and the utmost care. We have our clothing collections sewn in Italy and in Bali. We are at the same time committed to supporting small local businesses and have been working with the same family-run manufactures for years.We are a cosmopolitan, individual brand that is a joy to wear.We create modern colorful statement jewelry and matching apparel. Our goal is to create urban fashion with a touch of tropical lightness.

Our collections are sustainable, limited and ethically made in Italy, the Philippines and Bali.

"It's never too late to go Bananas!"